Q 1 : What are bobbleheads made of?

NOT ALL BOBBLEHEADS ARE CREATED EQUAL. The “cheaper” manufacturers cut costs by making their bobbleheads using clay, which is brittle, prone to breakage and color fading.

All our bobbleheads are made using durable polyresin, which is a natural, stone based product. Apart from durability polyresin also allows for much finer detailing, color vibrancy and 3D realism than what clay could ever achieve.

Q 2 : How tall are they?

Our most popular size is the 7″/17.8cm, but we make bobbleheads to whatever size you want.

Q 3 : Can I have a custom pose?

Our bobbleheads are 100% custom made to your every specification, including the pose. We will however advise you against poses that are prone to breakage during production and/or shipping.

Q 4 : What is a Decal?

A decal is basically a sticker. If you have a company logo that you want placed on your bobblehead or maybe a tattoo on your arm we can recreate this by using a decal. All we need is a good quality jpeg of the image.

Q 5 : How are they packaged?

Our standard packaging is molded Styrofoam inserts, placed inside a plain white box. Full color retail packaging is available but is subject to a separate quote.

Q 6 : Can I get a sample?

We do not usually offer free samples.

Q 7 : How long does it take to make a bobblehead?

For a one-off bobblehead it usually takes us between 4-6 weeks to create. But this can vary depending on how long it takes for the prototype to be approved by the customer.

Q 8 : What is the minimum order?

Minimum order quantity is one, but as you can appreciate the setting up cost for 1, 100 or 1,000 pieces is the same, which is why the larger the order quantity the cheaper the per unit cost.

Q 9 : Can I combine orders to meet minimum quantities?

No. Each design is treated as an individual order, since each have their own setting-up costs. In other words two 500 piece orders will not qualify for a 1000 piece pricing.

Q 10 : How much will it cost to make a bobblehead?

There are two main costs involved: (1) The prototype set-up fee and (2) The cost per bobblehead, which includes our standard packaging and delivery.

Q 11 : What are the payment terms?

We require a deposit before starting work on the prototype and the balance prior to delivery.

Q 12 : What is the prototype set-up fee?

The prototype set-up fee is a deposit paid to create the prototype, which is an exact replica of what your bobblehead will look like.

Q 13 : How can I get the prototype started?

We require a minimum of 2 quality close-up photos of the subject – front & side. The smile/look in the front-on photo should be exactly how you are wanting it to be replicated. These photos are all we got to work with, so the better the photos, the better the reproduction. For the pose a picture or a good description should suffice. For a bobblehead based on an idea you will need to provide us with concept drawings.

Q 14 : What is the prototype approval process?

We rely on electronic proofs, sent via email for all approvals and the process is simple. First, we send you pictures of the unpainted clay mold of your bobblehead. Once approved it is then converted to polyresin and painted. Again we’ll email you pictures of the painted version and await your final approval. It usually takes between 2-3 weeks to make the unpainted sample and another week to paint it.

Our approval process ensures there are NO SURPRISES when your bobblehead finally arrives.

NOTE: If a sample is requested, the customer must collect the express courier charges of $40.

Q 15 : What is your return policy?

Due to the custom nature of our product and the number of hours that goes into their making, all sales and orders are final. There can be NO REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS OR EXCHANGES ALLOWABLE FOR ANY REASON.

A great deal of effort goes into the making of your customized order. If you are unhappy with the proof we send you, simply indicate what changes you want and we’ll make the modifications.

It should be noted that bobbleheads are more of a caricature of the person and do not necessarily mirror 100% of that person’s likeness. We stand by our skilled craftsmen, they have been hand sculpting and painting for many years and although we promise 70-80% resemblance to the photos you supply us with, if you expect to receive a Michelangelo or a Picasso custom bobblehead then these products are not for you and we strongly suggest you do not make a purchase as all sales are final.

NOTE: Because each bobbleheads is individually crafted and painted by different artisans, there may be differences and minor imperfections between bobbleheads as a result of the process.

Q 16 : What happens if they show up at my door broken?

We have a very low incident rate of breakage, as each bobblehead is carefully packed in their own molded Styrofoam packaging and placed in sturdy cardboard boxes. But if the unthinkable does happen, do not worry as we’ll replace any broken items for you, FREE OF CHARGE.

Q 17 : Can I make a bobble of a famous person or celebrity?

Not unless you’re the licensee of the image you want to create. Proof of license is required.

Q 18 : I see a bobble on your website that I like ... can I buy it?

No. We are a wholesale supplier of custom bobbleheads and manufacture only to our customer’s specifications. Hence we don’t keep inventory or sell retail.