Our standard packaging is a white box with molded polystyrene insert. But if you are looking for something special for your next event or are planing to sell you bobblehead as a retail item, we can provide the design services to give your packaging that polished look.



Talking Bobbleheads. Add a sound module to your custom order to attract more attention to your
bobblehead. We’ll fit a 10-75 second voice chip under the base of the bobblehead. Add general sounds (for example, cheering) or a recording of your own voice stating your company’s catch phrase, slogan or club song.

Action Figurines. We not only make bobbleheads, we also can create action & non-bobbing head figurines. If you can imagine it, we should be able to create it! There are no design limitations & you’ll have full creative control over your design.

bbh4Wackerdackels (Nodding Head Dogs). One of the most popular bobbleheads continues to be the bobbing head dog or wackeldackel, as they were called in Germany (where they were invented).

They are popular due to people’s love of animals, their compact size & ability to be placed on the car dashboard or back window.  They are made of plastic shell covered with a fuzz like flocked layer on the outer shell.


Plastic Bobbleheads. Plastic bobbleheads allows for brighter colors, cartoon style & are sturdier than polyresin bobbleheads. But on the downside is that you cannot achieve the finer detailing of polyresin bobbleheads & have a much higher setup cost.

Per unit cost is usually lower than with polyresin & since the material is lighter, the shipping costs will be lower too.​

Solar Bobbleheads. Begin to nod their heads when sunlight or other light energy source is directed in their direction.bbh6

Small, adorable & environment friendly, they are perfect for your car dashboard, office desk windowsill or any other place where sunlight is accessible. Guaranteed to give you put you into a good mood.


Don’t have any concept drawings or packaging design? NO WORRIES! Let us create them for you. Apart from creating your customised bobbleheads we can provide assistance with all your design needs. Our services include:

  • Illustration & Design
  • Graphic design for Print, Web and Digital Media
  • Concept Drawings, Character Design & Development
  • Packaging
  • Banner Ads
  • Press Advertising